Below are several books and resources to help those wanting to impact their local skate park. Likewise, there are identified links for additional resources.

Making Room

MakingRoomNW4XHLIn this true story of divine inspiration, a young father shares his vision of reaching out to the lost youth of a California town!

Playing Dead

“The first prayer I can ever recall saying was asking, no, begging God to take away the Playing Dead CoverShadow Man. He did not. For the next seven years, I endured horrific visits by him in my room. My bedroom where, as a little girl, I should have felt safe became a place of dread, panic, and terror. I lived a life knowing from the age of three, no one was ever going to protect or rescue me. When the warm blankets would be pulled back, clothes removed, and I would awake feeling the cold night’s air upon my skin, I knew what was about to begin, and I had to escape as quickly as possible. My escape of choice was to play dead, and this became a way of life.”